PAW Alert



IF YOU HAVE FOUND OR YOUR DOG IS MISSING IN GOLD CANYON, please call Pinal County Animal Control at 1-888-431-1311 press 6 or 520-509-3555

Open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Any emergencies can be reported after hours by calling 520-509-3555
and following the automated instructions
You may also find in their website a:
- Found Animal Report Form - For those who wish to report a pet that has been found.
- Lost Animal Report Form - For those who wish to report a pet that has been lost.


Pinal County Animal Cruelty Hotline: 1-520-866-7618

Pinal County Animal Control has a low cost spay / neuter 
They do microchip implant and registration for $30 - owned

ASPCA -The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Animal Poison Control Center: 1-888-426-4435
24 hours a day / 365 days a year


Any emergencies can be reported after hours by calling the main number of
(520) 866-7600 and following the automated instructions

PAW ALERT provides immediate notification to this website of MISSING or FOUND dogs in the Gold Canyon area. WE ARE NOT A RESCUE ORGANIZATION. If a person finds a dog in Gold Canyon or any of the unincorporated areas of Pinal County, the only options are:
1) Keep the dog until the owner is found,
2)Keep the dog until Pinal County Animal Control picks him/her up

We urge the owners of pets to have identification tags at ALL TIMES, even if your pet has a micro chip and/or a license. (When a dog is found on weekends or evenings, our only hope for a immediate reunion is an ID Tag). Call us immediately and, if available, send us a picture of your lost or found dog to If you don't have access to a photo camera, we will take a picture of the found dog at no charge.
To post on the Gold Canyon Community Connection call Rose Canyon Storage at
You may also call my husband Curt Fonger or myself at 480-540-7607. Curt is the official PAWtographer!

PAW ALERT is a free public service run by volunteers. If a reward is offered, it will be donated to a non profit rescue group.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more tips on what to do:
If your dog is Missing or - If you have Found a dog


None reported


None reported


SHOOTER was found by Connie Krapp, her husband Oren and another couple Four-Wheeling a mile north of the Peralta Trails Elementary School - PAW Alert and its volunteers went to "work" it took just 20 minutes to find the owne David, he owns land in Peralta Trails -Thank you to Connie, et al, and to to the Companion Pet Clinic,.

February 13, 2017




MACKIE went missing on Breathless Ln and Sleepy Hollow Tr - she is an older dog, hard of hearing and needs medications for seizures. Robert, from Palermo Ave found her in the morning, took her to the Companion Pet Clinic to scan for microchip, he was told "no chip" - Late in the day Robert saw my posting on different websites about Mackie, who was microchipped, he called me "he was sure it was Mackie" It was! Mom Joanne picked him up within minutes. This is the statement from volunteer who is knowledgeable about scanning: "It is usually not the scanner, but the person scanning is missing the chip. Chips can migrate" Very thankful to Robert, who was persistant.

February 12, 2017

Update from Joanne Stein, Mackie's owner about the Avid microchip:
" Just wanted to give an update on the microchip issue. When we adopted our dog in 2003 from Maricopa County Animal Control, he was equipped with an Avid microchip. That chip was properly registered, but went undetected by the veterinary clinic where our wonderful neighbor delivered our missing dog this past weekend. I contacted Avid to explain that the microchip was not detected by 2 different scanner devices at the vet, and after speaking directly with the veterinary clinic, Avid agreed that a new microchip would be delivered free of charge for my dog. Had it not been for the great work of Marta and her crew of volunteers, I would have been out of luck. The power of social media, and caring, pet-loving people. The moral of the story-when you take your dog for his/her vet visits, ask them to scan the chip just to be sure its working. And, regardless of how raw your dog's neck may become from the collar rubbing, don't take it off, even temporarily! Also, it's unusual for a chip to fail, more commonly the failure is in the method/device used to scan, but even Avid agreed that this was a failed chip."


The owner of this sweet boy was never found  -  Apache Junction Paws & Claws works with many rescue organizations - today he was picked up by Ticked Pink Weimaraner Rescue, they will find him a forever home. Special thanks to Brittny Dwyer and Anastasia Pearce, who found him on Kings Ranch Rd in Gold Canyon, surrounded by four coyotes - these two young brave college students were on their way to Hieroglyphic Canyon Trail. And to Cheryl Husslein from Gold Canyon Embroidery who took him to her shop, fed him and calm him down.
My husband Curt and I went to wish him well, he is handsome, well-behaved, loves people and dogs.
February 4, 2017

Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue
Gold Canyon Embroidery


It took a "Village" to help these brothers!

KYLAR and his brother POGY went missing two days ago on Winchester and Quail Avenue in Apache Junction. KYLAR was found by the staff of the Superstition Mountain Country Club in Gold Canyon - Kylar will be picked up by the owner tomorrow at the Pinal County Animal Care and Control - he had an injured leg when found, he is being treated by the Pinal County Animal Control Veterinarian. POGY was found by a good Samaritan who took him to the Apache Junction Paws and Claws Animal Control - Pogi was picked up today by his owner. So many volunteers to thank, disseminating the information via social media and email. It does "Takes a Village to help a dog!"
January 25, 2017


JAX, the young golden Lab found 3 hours ago is back home! Lots of people to thank, the crew of Smiling Dog Landscapes for calling me, Tom and Kathy McDonald owners of Smiling Dog for fostering JAX, and all the volunteers who forwarded the PAW Alert and posted the information on Facebook and Nextdoor websites. It does "take a Village to help a pet!"

Please, microchip and keep ID tags on your dog!

June 6, 2016

CAMI, the female Bassett-Hound missing since 5 p.m. Tuesday April 26 in the Hacienda La Noria Ln, Superstition Mountain Dr. area. was found few seconds ago at 12:30 p.m. She was found in the desert near her home.

April 27, 2016







LILLY, the Chocolate Labradoodle missing since yesterday in the area of E. Sugar Creek Ave. in Gold Canyon is back home.

From Mom Karen:
"Thanks for the amazing network and our neighbor Charlie Olson who was coming home from work and saw LILLY on Alahambra Way heading towards Breathless Lane -probably trying to make it home to Sugar Creek Ave- Charlie called my cell and followed her in his car until we arrived! Our blessing today, and also for such great neighborhood community"

November 26, 2015
Great story on Thanksgiving Day!



McCAIN, a very sweet Bull Terrier found its way to Carol and Al Pike's home early morning in Mesa del Oro in Gold Canyon. This 7-year old was not looking well, the temperature was already 100 degrees. Carol gave him saltine crackers, cheese and hot dogs. McCAIN perked up very quickly. Carol called Pinal County Animal Control, they dispatched an officer right of way. Between Carol, Al, my husband Curt and myself we found the owner, a nearby neighbor. The Pikes believe their Golden Retriever BUDDY who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last May, helped guide McCAIN to the right home. Thank you Pinal Animal Control for the immediate response to a dog in distress, we are very happy the owner was found before the officer arrived.
August 17, 2015


MOLLY, the English Sheepdog missing on Friday, July 3 in Gold Canyon East is back home. The good samaritan who found her took her to the Companion Pet Clinic, where she stayed for a day.
July 4, 2015


The female Doberman Pinscher found in Mountainbrook Village in Gold Canyon today at Noon is back home with Dad Doug - He posted a lot of flyers around Kings Ranch Rd, this girl went a long way from her home near the Sheriff's Sub-Station on Kings Ranch Rd, to the place she was found. Her name is CHILI and she was rescued by Doug. The person who found her fell in love with her even named her Gretchen! Thank you Bruce Rudolph and Jean for taking care of this sweet girl.

April 26, 2015.


The young male Siberian Husky, found on Apache Trail and Tomahawk Rd. on March 2, has been adopted. He was found by Cecilia and Monty, they named him SKY. His pads were bloody, no other obvious signs of distress. He was taken to the Companion Pet Clinic in Gold Canyon -  Practice Manager Jennifer Gitlin contacted the Tucson Siberian Husky Rescue organization - they found a perfect home for SKY
March 13, 2014


BERT, the Pug found by Jackie in the middle of Golden Rim Circle is back home - BURT is quite famous in Gold Canyon East, this is the second time Susan recognized BURT from previous postings.
's home is at 4322 Strong Box Road.

Thanks Jackie and Susan for taking care of this sweet boy.

February 7, 2014



BOLT, the young Cattle/Jack Russell Mix, found on October 10th in the subdivision behind Bashas’ of Gold Canyon, has been given to a rescue organization - with the help of the Director of Pinal County Animal Control Kaye Dickson.

Director Dickson and her staff have been invaluable helping PAW Alert of Gold Canyon in many situations – Dawn Vargas kept BOLT for 12 days, during which we tried every possible avenue to find the owner.

Thanks to everyone help, BOLT will have a great chance to find a forever home.  He is a loving young boy, and will make a family -hopefully with children- very happy.

October 22, 2013

Pinal County Animal Control has a low cost spay/neuter 
They do microchip implant and registration for $30 - owned


BOO BOO - the 5-year old pure breed Lhasa Apso found by the side of the road, in pretty bad shape (matted, dirty) will have a forever home. After he was groomed, he became a handsome Prince!

BOO BOO was found by Velma, a Gold Canyon resident Velma's Mother will adopt him - Velma will pay for the neutering and the microchip.

October 21, 2013


DUKE is the name of the Mini Pinscher/Chihuahua mix found on Sleepy Hollow Trail in Gold Canyon on October 12. He is back home with Mom Debbie. DUKE was very much loved during his "vacation" from home.

In the picture Mom Debbie and Bill Bilyo, who found DUKE. Bill and his wife Patty volunteer for Arizona Beagle Rescue

October 14, 2013


DOODLE the young male Terrier/Shih Tzu mix, found in the morning of August 28 at the Peralta Trail Elementary School or the Peralta Trailhead in Gold Canyon - has being adopted by foster Dad Mike - or DOODLE adopted him! - He couldn't have a better forever home with brothers PICKLE and PUPPY.

We tried so hard to find his owner! We are very thankful to the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News for publishing a picture and information of DOODLE's and to the Apache Junction Gold Canyon Independent for disseminating the information in their website. Thanks to Claudia from Mountainbrook, one of her neighbors found DODDLE - Claudia was familiar with PAW Alert. Back in July of 2005 she called PAW Alert when two Labs were found at the Gold Canyon Bashas' parking lot.

September 20, 2013

CINNAMON was found on August 3rd in the Sunrise Subdivision behind the Red Sage in Gold Canyon. Ron or Linda Walker, the foster parents are giving her a forever home. CINNAMON has 2 Yorkies sisters.

September 20, 2013

CINNAMON's sisters
MAGGIE and LILLIE with Dad Ron


Michael Woloch, a resident of Entrada del Oro in Gold Canyon found BUDDY, a boxer mix on August 1st. in the Town of Superior, where Michael works - He was a stray and in bad shape.  
Michael took care of BUDDY, taking him to the Veterinary Clinic many times to assure he was healthy and adoptable.  Because of Michael’s work schedule and distance from home, he couldn’t keep BUDDY, but he found a place that will give him a forever home.  Great story!

This email is from Shari Eisenberg from Furever Friends Rescue:

Hi Michael,
It is with the greatest pleasure and tears of joy that I write to you to let you know that on Sunday Buddy was adopted! He went home to a wonderful family that has 4 daughters, a big house, and a big back yard! The family came in looking for a dog for their daughters, and I spoke to the about Buddy, because I knew that he would be the perfect dog for them. He was so polite with the girls, even the baby, who he kept on licking her feet. Even when the 2 year old was screaming with joy, Buddy wagged his tail and went over and kissed her.
I just wanted you to know what an amazing job you did with him. He is a well socialized, polite and very well mannered dog for his young age. He is going to live a long happy life with this family who loves him very much. I wish there were more people out there like you, who instead of turning their backs, they step up and do the right thing.
You’re an amazing man who raised an amazing dog, and I thank you for that.
October 1,. 2013

HUNTER, the 6-year old Pointer who went missing on the morning of September 6th on Highway 60, between the Renaissance grounds and the Arizonian R.V. Park is back home!
His "parents" sent me this email this morning "Marta,
I wanted to thank you and your network for helping with the effort to reunite Hunter and me.  He wandered into the Arizonian R.V. Resort late this afternoon, early evening.  He is now home, sleeping in his dog bed, still covered in cactus quills (way too many to get out at once), and about 5 or 6 pounds lighter.  The poor little guy is exhausted, but in really good shape considering his ordeal.
Thank you, again.
James and Karen Barnett

September 13, 2013


PICKLE the 13-year old Jack Russell/Beagle Mix missing since the morning of August 27 in Peralta Trails in Gold Canyon, is back HOME!   Dad Mike, brother PUPPY and LITTLE BOY are so happy!
August 30, 2013

Below are PICKLE, PUPPY (tan color) and the white Terrier/Shih Tzu mix LITTLE BOY found near the Peralta Trails Elementary School - some people said he was found by the Peralta Trailhead - on August 28th.

PICKLE's guilty face! "I knew I shouldn't leave the house through the gate!"

STELLA went missing on June 24th in Queen Creek- she returned home last night! From Mom Tarah:
"I have been keeping our back yard gate open with fresh food and water in case of Stella's return. Near midnight I heard a thump at my bedroom window, then another at our backdoor. Amazingly Stella had found her way home! Thin, exhausted, full of bites and is truly a miracle. Our family is absolutely thrilled and relieved to have our baby back. My deepest appreciation and gratitude goes out to everyone who helped keep hope alive for Stella's safe return!! I have connected with some incredibly dedicated people and organizations, people who were once strangers but who I will now call friends :)
My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am" ~Author Unknown"

So many people to thank for posting STELLA's Alert in their personal and businesses Facebook pages:! Volunteers; rescue groups; Pinal and Apache Junction Animal Controls (especially Tyra Stevens), Rikki Schmidt, Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic; Tish Castillo, SanTan Valley News; Wendy Miller, News Editor for the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News, Gold Canyon Community Connection...

Marta Saint-James
June 29, 2013

KANE is the name of this handsome Malamute/Wolf hybrid found last Wednesday by Robert Ruff at his home at the Arizonian RV Park, 5 miles east of Gold Canyon on Hwy 60 – Robert contacted PAW Alert Friday evening and an alert was sent throughout our communities, including Pinal and Apache Junction Animal Controls.  At 6:30 am this morning the owner called Robert- this picture is KANE reuniting with Mom – thanks to Tyra Stevens from Apache Junction Paws & Claws Animal who received the PAW Alert email.  
KANE is from San Tan Valley, this big boy travelled many miles through highways and populated areas.  We are so thankful he is safe.
Thank you Robert Ruff, officially named Dog Father by PAW Alert,  for keeping him for a couple of days with his 2 Weims.  Thank you Tyra for working extra hours in order to reunite Mom and Son. And thank you to the many volunteers who forward the PAW Alert and post it on their Facebook pages.

June 1, 2013
Marta Saint-James, Dog Mother to all these beautiful 4-legged companions!


BLUE was abandoned at Canyon Rose Storage in Gold Canyon. After a long time at the facility, a resident of Gold Canyon, Marilyn adopted BLUE. this loving boy has a forever home.

December 2012



Shelley Donnelly's four young longhorn steers are back at her stables on Peralta Trails - PAW Alert issued a "MOO" Alert January 2, 2013 - Her heard grazes on the State Trust Land directly east of Gold Canyon. The longhorns were found just east of Cordova Avenue, near Kings Ranch Rd, long way from home. A successful reunion and a first for PAW Alert.
MOO-Chas Gracias everyone!

Happy New Year!


EDDIE, the miniature Schnauzer is back HOME!
He spent the night at the Kelly's house near the Lost Goldmine trailhead.
Larry and Rosemary Shearer wish to thank all for getting out the words, and especially to a nice hiker named Terri and her husband as well as the Kellys, who spoiled him rotten.
October 21, 2012



Each year, the Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ respond to thousands of investigations calls, the majority of which – 34% - are for pets abandoned in vacant homes and backyards. Sadly, sixty miles away in Superior, Arizona that same harsh reality is taking place.
Just days before the Labor Day weekend an Australian Shepherd mix and German shepherd were found wondering the grounds of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior. The Arboretum’s staff, particularly Maintenance Foreman Chris Spencer and Horticulture Specialist Rick Byrd, did what any Good Samaritans would do as they delved into caring for the two lost dogs as they searched for possible owners or adopters. Paul Wolterb of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum began outreach to animal welfare organizations in the area yet all were full. Fortunately, Gold Canyon Dog Owners Group was able to help through their PAW Alert, an Amber Alert for dogs and while the response received through social media was overwhelming - offers for food/medical donations from as far away as Canada started pouring in - no one came forward for the pair, one of whom was in need of medical care.
As the multi-agency effort’s continued, Willow Raven of the Humane Society of Southern Gila County picked the dogs up and transported the duo to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™ for medical care. AHS veterinarians found that the shy female mix, fittingly named Boyce, was in good health; however, Thompson, the German shepherd, was limping badly on his back leg. X-rays showed that while his leg was not fractured there did appear to be birdshot pellets present as well as lacerations and abrasions which are being treated though antibiotics and pain medication. However, Thompson’s continuing care will require at least two weeks of foster care with Boyce right by his side.
We will most likely never know how one-year-old Boyce and two-year-old Thompson made their way to the arboretum, whether their friendship was years in the making or forged along the way, but those involved are committed to seeing to it that these two buddies remain together through AHS’ Best Buddies program, an adoption program requiring the two be adopted together, but for the price of one. The two extremely well-mannered, yet somewhat shy, sweethearts already have a potential adopter and will soon be homeward bound.


For more information:
Arizona Humane Society htpp://
Boyce Thompson Arboretum htpp://

These couple is fostering "with intent to adopt" Boyce and Thompson -
I think the dogs already adopted them!
September 12, 2012


MURPHY is the name given to TeeTime, the Beagle found as a stray August 25, 2012 in the Mountain View / Broadway area in Apache Junction - He was adopted by the Dykes family - He has two human brothers to help wear him out, and they'll love every minute of it!
A Cinderella Beagle story!

September 9, 2012

Family picture



On December 12, 2012 Kim Dykes wrote:
"I wanted you to know Murphy is doing well in his new home.
The boys love his energy level, Brian and I are adjusting to it (ha ha!). We take him to the dog park once a week, hiking when we go, and on nightly walks. I’ve taken many cute pictures over the months, one is attached of Murphy getting some attention from his brothers."

AZ Beagle Rescue Facebook page:

The Long Haired Chihuahuas SOPHIE and BONNIE are back home! Thank you Maxine Brown for all your help - you are a wonderful neighbor to Mom Tressa.

July 17, 2012


A rescue group in San Antonio is taking Boots - this sweet and handsome boy will have a loving family and a forever home!
The article in the Apache Junction Gold Canyon News generated three phone calls. Two of the calls were from the neighborhood who knew the family who owned Boots, another had seen Boots roam around the area of Mountain View and Junction roads (between Broadway and Superstition Blvd) in Apache Junction. The family lived in Wyoming, moved to Apache Junction, and then moved again to Texas.All three people said "Boots is a sweet boy, but wasn't taken care of properly, he deserves a better home".So many people to thank, I am going to name just a few:
Lisa Steimann, volunteer for the San Antonio Animal Shelter - she is the one who started the "ball rolling" calling the Apache Junction Gold Canyon News, to find out if they knew "Joseph Bishop" the name listed on the microchip.
The San Antonio Animal Shelter - thank you for listening to us.
Betty Swanson, AJ News reporter, who took the time to research and write the article.
Ed Barker, owner/editor of the AJ News, a dear friend of the 4-legged kind - many, many times, Ed has helped our 4-legged companions with articles - the articles end up with a color photograph and in the front page!
Kaye Dickson, Director of Pinal County Animal Control, who took the time to call the San Antonio Animal Shelter to find out about Boots' status and assure them "we in Arizona are working diligently trying to find the owner"
And, as always, Jill Moritz, Terri Rozzini, Cheryl and Ray Husslein who broadcasted the information via email to their extensive email lists.
Thank you everyone, and our apologies to all the Joseph Bishops in our communities who received multiple phone calls - we are glad they were dog lovers!
June 12, 2012


RUBY is back home on La Palma St. She was found on June 5th on Cordova St. in Gold Canyon - Thank you Jennifer for posting the flyers - and thank you Pinal County Animal Control for contacting me - after they received a Lost Animal Submission.

If your pet is missing please go to:
- Found Animal Report Form - For those who wish to report a pet that has been found.
- Lost Animal Report Form - For those who wish to report a pet that has been lost.

June 6, 2012

PUGSY is the name given by Tehya, her parents found this loving Pug in Gold Canyon on May 27th - PUGSY is part of the family which includes a Labrador and a Cat. He is about a year old, was given all the shots and it's microchipped, with Theya listed as the owner.

June 4, 2012




Terri Rozzini found this sweet female dog on Breathless Dr. near Alhambra in Gold Canyon - She had an ID tag with the name SUGAR. Terri turned out to be a great Pet Detective, here is her email just a couple of hours after she found SUGAR:
" I called the number on the dog's tag about 10 times. Finally, I understood what the voice message said: "This is the Root residence...." I looked up "Root" in the white pages and found a listing on Pleasant Place. I took the dog over there; no one was home, but I was greeted by a large barking dog in the fenced back yard. I noticed right away the barking dog had the same type of tag on it's collar. I tried to read it but the dog was not happy about me being there. So I brought the little dog over and they seemed to know each other. The big dog was a bit friendlier so I reached through the fence and turned the tag so I could read it. Happy day! The tags had the same phone number. I put the little dog in the yard and they both went swimming in the kiddie pool. Case closed."

May 29, 2012
Terri Rozzini

SNOWBALL, the two and a half year old who loves kids, adults, dogs and cats has found a forever home. The family who had him since he was a puppy couldn't keep him because of limited funds - SNOWBALL has Valley Fever.
Thank you everyone. A lot of people wanted to help this wonderful boy.

May 2012


MAX, a 9-year old White, Wheaten Terrier missing in Apache Junction is back HOME!

Thank you to everyone who helped to find MAX!

May 15, 2012



The Great Pyreness Mix found as a stray in Apache Junction was adopted by a young couple. They named her LADY. It was "love at first sight" for the new owners and for LADY. February 11, 2012

LADY was returned to the Apache Junction Paws & Claws Animal Care - Thanks to Kerri Ruehs and Valley Dogs Rescue she was adopted by a loving family of five - Her new name is ANGEL.

Please visit Apache Junction Paws & Claws website for adoptable pets:

The young male Pomeranian found in Gold Canyon the evening of February 1st, has been adopted by a loving family of our community. They named him KILLIAN.  He has a sister, a black Pomeranian named DAHLIA.   The foster parents Vastene and George are happy KILLIAN has a home, but sad he is gone, few more days and they would have "failed fostering!" We all have visitation rights.  

February 8, 2012



FREYJA, the Siberian Husky missing from La Palma / Palermo area since 6 this morning is back home! A neighbor saw the PAW Alert notice and called the owners. Tara and Branden "thanks the community dearly for all of the help! We are very grateful for the resources that aided in the safe return of our sweet girl!"
January 18, 2012

RILEY is the new name of the handsome and well-mannered Golden Retriever found near the Gold Canyon Golf Resort by Kathy Fabish on January 9, 2012.
All the efforts in trying to find the owner were unsuccessful:  flyers; Animal Controls; Veterinary Clinics; Dog Groomers; postings on social media and websites across the county, the state and the country; businesses; organizations; golf courses; hiking trails; rescue groups; HOAs; Resorts; massive email campaign; etc
The Rescue a Golden of Arizona organization found a forever home for RILEY.
Life is good!
Thank you everyone for the many phone calls and emails, not only to find out how he was doing, but also offers to foster and/or adopt him. Thank you Ester Brock and Lucy Lancaster for suggesting to Kathy  to contact me and thank you Kathy for finding him on the street, when she was walking her Siberian Husky SEDONA
Please visit the website of Rescue a Golden of Arizona -RAGofAZ.
January 16, 2012

STELLA went missing from her home in Scottsdale on January 16, 2012 - She was found today at the Maricopa County Animal Control - she had an Avid™ Microchip.

January 17, 2012





DUKE, the young Doberman found by Cathy on Yaqui Rd, near Kings Ranch Rd and Baseline (Old Kings Ranch area) is back home after only 45 minutes of being missing. Thanks to Catherine Matt who recognized DUKE and called the owners. Thank you Catherine and Cathy.
January 14, 2012

The male Weimaraner found in the La Palma/Alhambra area is back home. The owners just moved in yesterday, and are very happy Gold Canyon has people like Chrissie and Scott who took care of their dog.

January 10, 2012






BERT, the sweet male Pug has done it again! - A neighbor recognized BURT from another posting a year ago. Thank you Susan!

December 28, 2011






COWBOY, the Australian Shepherd Blue Merle missing since Saturday around Cloudview Ave is back home. His owner Thatcher found him at the Pinal County Animal Control in Casa Grande - COWBOY was picked up by the Sheriff's Office on Sunday morning.
October 12, 2011

NOTE: It's important to report Missing or Found dogs on the Pinal County Animal Control website -
AnimalControl/ Pages/LostAndFound.aspx

Female Dachshund puppy found on Mogollon Tr, near Sleepy Hollow on Sunday, August 21, 2011 is back home, after spending 3 days with the family who found her, and their 3 dogs.




NANA, a female Chihuahua missing on the afternoon of May 6 in Mesa del Oro, is back home, after spending the nigh with a caring neighbor Patsy Udel.
May 7, 2011

KIWI, the female tabby cat, returned, unscathed and on her own, to her home in Mesa del Oro. She was missing since April 21st.
May 2, 2011

KYLIE, the female Sheltie found at Peralta Trials on the afternoon of April 16th, 2011 is back home. The owners were found in less than an hour after Diane found her.
Thank you also to P.J. Howell, who not only called PAW Alert but found the flyer the owners posted.


On March 17th, 2011 around 9 a.m. a beautiful female Shepherd was found by hikers half way up Silly Mountain. She was dehydrated, and no doubt disoriented, but she followed the scent of dogs and people and stayed on the trail.   Mike Garcia, wife Karla, their daughter Michelle and son Richard were the people who found and aided her initially.   Jan and Bob Aris, winter visitors from Michigan and friends of ours called me immediately.  After calling Apache Junction Police Chief Jerald Monahan, I went to Silly Mountain with water and a bowl, she drank a lot, but was too weak to walk.

When the ranger arrived, he called the Apache Junction Animal Control.   Mike, who lives in Peralta Trail, carried her more than three quarters of a mile, on the rocky trail all the way down the parking lot.

Within minutes, Apache Junction Animal Control Officer Tim Shetlar arrived and transported her to the facility on Baseline Rd.  I've known Tim for many years, he is a very caring individual, loves animals and I knew he was going to do his best to help the dog.

About 3 p.m. that afternoon, I received a phone call from Tim who advised that "she is doing great, she eat a can of high protein food,  was walking around the facility (everyone loved her) and was enjoying the air conditioning kennel".

Friends for Life volunteer Erica Wellman with WHISPER

Marta Saint-James visiting WHISPER April 13th

Officer Shetlar arranged for Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary and Rescue htpp:// from Gilbert, one of the best no-kill shelters in our area, to pick her up.  

Friends for Life named her WHISPER. She was adopted by a loving family, with children!

Great Team Effort! 
Marta Saint-James

DAHLILA, a very sweet dog found by Karen Mann by Sugar Creek Dr, in Mesa del Oro. It took 2 hours and dedicated volunteers to find her owners a mile away, on Alameda Rd.
Thanks to Jon Nelson and Terri Rozzini for their help.
March 12, 2011

TOOTS was found by the Gold Canyon Community Church on December 26, 2010 by Carey Hejl.  The owners were never found, Carey and her husband Dan adopted her.
Carey wrote:
"She looks like she was very well cared for and loved. She is probably around 7-9 years old, very friendly and loving, a true example of a Golden"
TOOTS will be summering in Alaska and wintering in Gold Canyon. 
Her "parents" own a Bed & Breakfast in Palmer "The Butte", Alaska
Butte's Bethel B & B


MAX, the loving Golden Labrador is back home. This is not the first time MAX want to "meet new people!"

Many thanks to Joyce and Richard for taken care of MAX.

January 28, 2011



HANNAH (aka as BUBBLES) is back home in the San Tan Valley area. She was gone all night, was found through the Facebook social media.
January 25, 2011

GAUGE, a 3-year old Labrador/Mastiff Mix is back home on Globemallow Ln, thanks to the flyers the owners posted, and Jill Moritz and Terri Rozzini email lists. The news about GAUGE's missing status was disseminated very quickly throughout the Superstition Foothills area.

January 22, 2011



This female dog was found near Hieroglyphic Canyon Trailhead on December 23, 2010 by Barbara and Doug.

A recent email from Barbara:
"We have named our new dog Chula (which means "cutie" in Spanish).  After some research, we think she is at least half Border Terrier.
She has effortlessly made herself a part of our household, getting along famously with our two big and old dogs, Kodi and Zena, husky-shepherd brother and sister and our old cat Pax.
This is another case of a dog "adopting" the parents. Go CHULA!
January 8, 2011


LEXUS, the friendly female Pit Bull found in the parking lot of Prudential Real Estate on December 31, 2010 is back home. Sara Acedo, an employee of Appraisal TEK took care of her over the weekend. LEXUS played wonderful with her children, she is a very gentle and loving "girl".
Thank you Sara for taking her home and Louie Peraza Jr. for taking the time to send the information to Craig's List
January 3, 2011

NANA, the Chihuahua found by Patti Bilyo at 2:28 pm today, was home by 2:53 pm. NANA had an Identification Tag! Thank you Patti.

Back in January of this year Pat and Terri Rozzini helped me reunite TIPPER, the Beagle with his owner in less than 60 minutes!
Dynamite team work!

December 28, 2010
When a dog is lost, and even when a loving person takes care of him, the emotional rollercoaster is ever present being away from his known environment. Please I.D. tags your love ones, even if they have a license and/or microchip!


BERT, the Pug found near Golden Rim and Desert Dawn on December 26 is back home. He spent a day and night at Leonard's house in Gold Canyon East.

Thanks Leonard for being such a caring person.

December 27, 2010

MEMPHIS, the male Pomeranian found in the subdivision behind the Red Sage on December 24, is back home on Rainer St. The owner's brother saw the flyer at the store, the owner and his grandchildren came to pick up their sweet boy. A happy ending on Christmas Day.

Thank you Bonnie for taking care of MEMPHIS.

December 25, 2010

CASSIDY BLUE (on the right) was rescued by Realtor Dawn Carroll on August of 2008. She was found in the parking lot of Prudential Realty on Kings Ranch Road.

You may scroll down to August of 2008 to see the full story.

CASSIDY BLUE is greeting Santa with her brother SUNDANCE.
Christmas 2010










ABBY, the female Doberman Pincher left behind by her family in a foreclosed home is safe now at Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of Arizona. She had been living alone for over 6 months in the empty house in Florence, Arizona.
The neighbors fed her every day, took her to the Veterinarian for her rabies, distemper and parvo shots. There was doggie door in the house, but no air conditioner or heat.
She is a wonderful dog and would be a great addition to any family, and ABBY is a survivor! Thanks to one of the neighbors Darcy and to Sherry Rosner, board member of our group Gold Canyon D.O.G. - Dog Owners Group. Sherry contacted me few days ago to see how we can help ABBY.
Ruth Stalter, Director of the Pinal County Animal Control supplied the information of the Arizona Doberman Rescue Group.
November 9, 2010

The owner of the female mixed breed dog wearing a pink collar was found on September 25, 2010.
She was first spotted 3 days ago on Lazy Lane/Sleepy Hollow Trail area. Carol Ann and Albert Pike from Lazy Lane gave her some water before she took off again.
Special thanks to Terri Rozzini.
Ellen Smith found her on the evening of September 24th, she called Apache Junction Animal Control the following morning. The owner called the facility when she dissapeared.
Her name is SUGAR, she is 14 years old and has had a stroke. We are very happy she is home safe.

Apache Junction Animal Control services ONLY the residents of the City, not the unincorporated areas such as Gold Canyon. Because of the proximity to us, they may have a record of the lost or found dog.
If you find a dog in Gold Canyon you cannot take it to Apache Junction Animal Control on Baseline Road, your only option is to call Pinal County Animal Control in Casa Grande.

This healthy and docile dog found near the Gold Canyon Golf Resort has found a forever home in Cave Creek. His name is GRAINGER. The owners fell in love with him after a few days of being "just" foster parents.
The incredible lady who found him Sharon Rogers, named him and work very hard to find him a home.
Ruth Stalter, Director of Pinal County Animal Control helped with this adoption, she arranged to have Grainger housed at the facility in Casa Grande until a foster family was found.
August 24, 2010

FIONA, the 6-month old "tea-cup" Chihuahua was found on Kings Ranch Rd and Jasper Rd, she was missing for a day. Her owners did a wonderful job posting dozens of flyers, calling Pinal County and Apache Junction Animal Controls, asking everyone walking or jogging and posting the information on Craig's List
April 29, 2010

BUDDY, the loving Basset Hound is now an official "escape artist". But, the residents around the area of Hummingbird Lane have his number! Gary and Alyce from Topaz Court recognized him from PAW Alert, he spent the night in their house, early morning he was home again with his "sister" MAGGIE.
Thank you Terri Rozzini and Lynn for your help. If you see him again, please contact Lynn at 480-205-3376 or Marta at 480-982-1690 Marta


These loving dogs found at the campus of Central Arizona College (CAC) in Apache Junction on March 5, 2010 are back home, 17 days after they were placed in a private foster home. Their owner moved away from the area, and didn't see the posters, a friend saw the posting on Craig's List Lost & Found
A lot of people to thank! Tracy Lambrecht and Joel Beck from Central Arizona Campus, who found them -Tracy walked for hours in different neighborhoods asking everyone, posting flyers. She also posted them on Lost and Found websites. Special thanks to Ed Barker, editor of the Apache Junction Gold Canyon News for donating a space on the March 22nd edition.
March 22, 2010


ALASKA, the female Black Lab with a pink collar missing for 4 days was found about 2 miles north of Rodgers Trough Trailhead. She was missing for 4 days in the Superstition Wilderness. She is in good shape and happy to be with "Dad" Ryan.
Thank you to all the volunteers, to P.J. Howell from Superstition Search and Rescue and toTerri Rozzini.
March 21, 2010


MAX is back home!. He lives on Kings Ranch Rd, he was found by Marie and Brian from Louis L'Amour street.
MAX is a loving and spirited young dog, who loves to run, this is not the first time he just takes off to "meet new friends"

January 29, 2010




BUDDY is back home. He spent 8 days with the loving family. Thanks to Terri Rozzini, who knew the owners.
January 28, 2010





KUAI FE, a Chow mix missing since January 5th is back home thanks to numerous volunteers who helped on the search.
Larry Vick from Green Bay, Wisconsin was visiting Gold Canyon to play some golf.  In the morning of Thursday the 7th, he was driving eastbound on US 60 when he saw KUAI FE on the south side of the highway in the desert across from Bashas’.  He remembered seeing a flyer of the missing dog so he called me immediately.  We mobilized many volunteers, but KUAI FE wasn’t cooperating, in fact she was running away from us.  We searched until 10 p.m. that evening, spotting her many times.  The following day in the early morning, Kerri Ruehs went looking for her again, this time however, after 3 days; the dog peacefully came to her. 
These are some of the volunteers involved:  Kerri Ruehs, Rick Hardina, Terri Rozzini, Robert Cooper, Jim Ballard, Ralph Law, Mary Joe Bitman, Valerie Gondolfo, my husband Curt Fonger and myself. A very special thanks to the Director of Pinal County Animal Control Ruth Stalter for posting the information county-wide as well as Apache Junction Animal Control.
January 8, 2010

Sitting: Bill Feldman and KUAI FE
L to R: Jim Ballard, Rick Hardina, Terri Rozzini, Marta Saint-James,
Ralph Law, Curt Fonger and Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper
and Jim Ballard are members of the all-volunteer
Superstition Search and Rescue organization

TIPPER is back home!
It took less than 60 minutes to find the owners. Lots of people to thank: Andy for finding him (and neighbors Carol and Richard for keeping him); to Thomas Preiss, Managing Editor of the Gold Canyon Ledger and the staff for printing an article in the January Edition about our organization Gold Canyon D.O.G. -Dog Owners Group, and PAW Alert service to the community; to Terri Rozzini who gave me Patti and Bill Bilyo's phone (they own 4 Beagles) who recognized TIPPER and knew the owners. Thank you all!
January 5, 2010


SCOOTER an adorable Yorkie spent the night at Samantha's house in Sierra Vista, off Sleepy Hollow Trail in Gold Canyon. She posted flyers, call PAW Alert, put SCOTTER in Craig's List, the owners were found at 4 p.m. the following day.
Thank you Samantha and your husband, who stayed home all day to take care of the dog.
December 18, 2009




FOXY, a loving female, was reunited with her owners thanks to an ad placed in Craig's List by Bill the person who found her. He also posted flyers. Bill found her on December 3, FOXY went home 2 days later.
We have a lot of dog loving people in our community!
December 5, 2009







This sweet dog showed up at Smiling Dog Landscapes' home on Cloudview Road in Gold Canyon. Skinny, with cholla all over his body, very friendly, no collar or tags.
Tom McDonald said that "I'll keep him until the owners are found!" He named him HANK.
December 2, 2009

MAX was returned to his parents on Kings Ranch Rd, North of the Gold Canyon Elementary School. He was found by two caring residents of Gold Canyon. On September 22nd, Cheryl from Gold Canyon Embroidery and on October 3rd, Marla, a 3rd Grade teacher from Peralta Trail Elementary School.
October 3rd, 2009




The young female found on December 16, 2008 in the Superstition Foothills area has been adopted by Joan, the person who found her. This is the email I received from Joan:
"You'll be happy to know that we have decided to keep her! She is a sweetheart and has settled right into our home. The funny thing is I had put a new puppy on my Christmas list -- a small female that did not shed much, and preferably a lab -- so we are going to name her KARMA".


SHELLI the African Spur-thigh tortoise missing since October 10, 2008 is back home. This is the email I received from her "Mom" Joanne West:

"Your idea for the Gold Canyon Ledger story worked! Shelli is back. A family from Apache Junction called me after hearing about the Gold Canyon Ledger story. Apparently the grandfather who lives few blocks from my home found her at his door in late October - he hadn't seen the signs posted so called his family to see if they wanted her.
The family with 2 little girls adored her - they named her "Tank" - They had a heat lamp in her hole and kept her in fenced in area. Really happy to have her back. Thank you for all your help, advice and optimism"

December 5, 2008
Our gratitude to Thomas Preiss, editor of the Gold Canyon Ledger, and to the A.D.O.B.E. Board for printing this story. Special thanks to Joyce and Richard Wilson, P.J. Howell and my husband Curt Fonger for helping to organize a "Shelli Search Party" and to Terri Rozzini on her horseback search missions.

PRUDENCE, the Dachshund missing Thanksgiving day at 10:30 a.m. in the Sleepy Hollow Trail - Hohokam Trail area, was found within 2 hours of being missing! "Mom" Sue had a lot to thank on this Thanksgiving day.


KIKI is back home with Mom, Dad and his "sister and brothers" dogs Josie, Rowdy and Chico. He was missing for only 18 hours, but Mom Patty felt it was an eternity!
September 20, 2008


They are back home!

SAMMY (same as the Poodle)
SHADOW (Ryley's Mother)

The four loving dogs found together in Peralta Trails on September 4, 2008 are back with their owners. It seems that we have 4 "escape artists", they will be added to the PAW Alert "Repeat Offenders" database. P.J. Howell, the Good Samaritan who took care of them for a whole day and night said: "We went to Apache Junction Animal Control and the owners had been in looking for them and left their name and phone numbers. Thanks so much to you and your network for your assistance!"
We are very grateful to the numerous people who sent emails throughout Gold Canyon; to Apache Junction Animal Control, though they only serve the residents of the City, they are always willing to help us. And we are especially thankful to P.J. Howell, who worked so hard to find the owners.


On August 18, 2008 a beautiful female dog was found in the parking lot of Prudential Realty on Kings Ranch Road. The person who found her was Realtor Dawn Carroll. She sent me this email: "Thank you for all of your efforts! After much adjusting and soul searching, we have decided to keep this beautiful girl now known as CASSIDY BLUE I will keep you posted on her progress. Thanks again for everything! Dawn."
September 2, 2008
I am very grateful to Ed Barker, Owner and Editor of the Apache Junction Gold Canyon News for donating an article with a picture of CASSIDY BLUE.

CUPCAKE, the stray dog who stole the hearts of the Arroyo Vista residents in the Superstition Foothills community in Gold Canyon has been adopted by a wonderful lady who "as soon as he met her, CUPCAKE was already giving her whisker 'lickins' and wanted to ride in her car".
CUPCAKE was found by Janet Armstrong and Sandi, residents on Jalapa Lane. Everyone in the community rallied behind CUPCAKE. Several neighbors had been leaving her water and food by a bush that she used as her safe haven. CUPCAKE wouldn’t let anyone get too close to her. Finally, after a week, she followed Janet home and laid by her front porch. Janet took her in, gave her a bath and took her to the vet. The vet gave her a clean bill of health, they vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed her. Neighbors Judy and Larry Laing fostered CUPCAKE for three weeks. She was named CUPCAKE because she had cupcakes on her pink collar, it fits her perfectly, she is so sweet. All the costs were paid by Janet, Judy and Larry. A front page story by reporter Jill Jones in the Apache Junction Gold Canyon News immediately resulted in six phone calls.
There are so many people to thank in this story, Janet Armstrong, Judy and Larry Laing and Sandi, for their dedication and perseverance; Jill Jones and Editor Ed Barker for the article, and to all the neighbors who didn’t give up and took care of her.
We hope to give you a follow up story on CUPCAKE soon, I am sure Janet, Judy, Larry and Sandi will get “visitation rights”.
June 18, 2008

The Keeshond found on May 25, 2008 running South on Peralta Road heading towards the US 60, was temporarily taken by a really nice lady that rescues Keeshonds. She will make sure the dog gets a good home.
Thank you P.J. for being such a good foster Mom!





The 6-8 week white Australian Shepherd Mix, very sweet, good with people found on May 16, 2008 in Apache Junction, found a wonderful home. Thank you Sheri for taking care of this puppy.

The owners of BLUE (on the right) the female Australian Cattle Dog were found. They live in Mesa off McKellips & Power, BLUE was found on February 19 near Peralta Trail Elementary School in Gold Canyon, about 18 miles away. BLUE and her brother STEELE have been missing since February 9. STEELE is still missing. Please call the owners if you find STEELE at 480-225-2993 or e-mail at
BLUE seems extremely happy to be back with her family and is starting to slowly get use to things once again in her home, but they say she is missing STEELE.
The good samaritan who found and took care of BLUE is Kerri from the Valley Cats and Dogs organization
Kerri's group offered a FREE Micro Chip for BLUE. If/When STEELE is found they will do the same for him.

A female Pomeranian found the morning of January 30, 2008 on Kings Ranch and Golden Rim is back home. Her name is GISMO.
Thank you John for being a great "foster Dad" and to P.J. who sent the Missing information to PAW Alert.

Sophie found this well-trained, sweet Pit Bull on December 9th on Palm Way in Gold Canyon. His name is now MACK (Sophie's son named Mack after the emblem on the front of a Mack truck! It looks just like him!). MACK "stole" everyones heart, including BRANDY, the Jack Russell already in the family.


SY is back home! He is 13 years old, He got loose on Christmas Eve. SY is a very lucky boy, he was found by Michelle, who was his "Foster Mom" for two weeks.
January 8, 2008

BUDDY, the super-friendly one-year old Golden Retriever/Lab Mix, is back home. This quote is from his "Mom" Pamela: "We found Buddy! I put out signs early this morning, and a neighbor in the next section called and said his neighbor found him yesterday. They took good care of him and I cried for joy when I saw him. Thanks to God and good neighbors."
November 18, 2007

These adorable Doodle mix puppies, found by some great ladies out by the Superstition Mountains on September 16, 2007 have been adopted by the same family.The organization Valley Cats and Dogs named them CHANCE and LUCKY .
To see pictures of other adoptable pets, please visit their website:
To complete an adoption interest form: or e-mail Kerri at


CARMELLA, the 4-month old puppy found her way back home at 3:45 a.m. of October 2nd, 2007. Her parents Adrienne and Steve said they "could hear the coyotes that were hot on her trail". CARMELLA was lost for about 16 hours in the area of Sleepy Hollow Tr. and Kings Ranch Rd.


PEARL, the Boston Terrier found around Sleepy Hollow Tr, the afternoon of Saturday September 22, 2007 is back home safe. Thanks to Nancy who found her and kept her in her home all night, and to Stephanie who called PAW Alert.

OTIS, the very friendly German Shepherd Mix lost on Cordova St on August 31, 2007 is back home. That afternoon he "showed up" at Cathy's house on Mogollon Tr. This is the second time this month that a dog "knocks on her door". Dogs know she'll give them shelter, food and love (the word is out in the canine world about Cathy's love for dogs!). OTIS stayed with Cathy all night, but unfortunately, early morning he decided to be on the run again. OTIS had Mesa del Oro and Hermosa Hills Posse looking for him (OTIS doesn't like monsoon season). OTIS' parents found him around Sleepy Hollow Tr and Lazy Lane, about 3 miles from his home on the afternoon of September 1st, in the middle of the storm.
We are so thankful to all the emails sent with an APB (All Points Bulletin) looking for OTIS, the flyers, to the people who looked for him and to Velma who had an ID Tag made for sweet OTIS.

The young female Yellow Lab found by William near the Chevron Station in Apache Junction on June 12, 2007 was placed in a foster home. She was ADOPTED into a wonderful family on August 3rd. She was fostered by William and then Kerri took her in and she was adopted thru


BECK (aka GUIDO, aka OTIS), the sweet, friendly and loving dog found the morning of June 14, 2007 is back with Mom Rachel. BECK was rescued from the Maricopa County Animal Shelter on June 12, 2007. Rachel, who is a Tempe resident sent this quote in an email to PAW Alert: "He was a bit jumpy at first and he is very very skinny. Nevertheless it was love at first sight! Not even 4 hours later he escaped from me, and I drove around looking for him and asking neighbors for leads to no avail. He must have been out in the Gold Canyon desert for two nights when Sherri crossed his path and he jumped into her car. It was hard taking him away from Sherri. She was the first mommy he ever knew since adoption. I am very grateful to Sherri and her loving nature and not leaving our baby in the shelter. I'm sure he will be the happiest dog alive if he never steps foot in one of those again! :) Thanks again to Sherri and her efforts to reunite BECK with me :) Rachel


This beautiful dog found on April 2007 by Scott around Broadway and Mountain View Rds. was adopted by Karen, she named him CHARLIE, "He is a joy, polite, easy to train".


The two dogs found at Silly Mountain on April 7, 2007 by Jane have found a home. The very timid young small cattle dog was adopted by Jane, the person who found him, and named him TIMID. The young Pit Bull Terrier/Golden Lab mix was taken for future adoption by the organization Safe Animals From Euthanasia (S.A.F.E.)

RINGO, a Yellow Labrador and MADDIE, a very young Queen Heeler were found by Peggy in the afternoon of April 24, 2007 around White Cloud Rd. The Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P) volunteers patrolling the neighborhood helped reunited these friendly dogs with their "Dad" Jeff on E. Cactus View Cr. that evening. Jeff is very thankful to Peggy and to the two C.O.P volunteers, he is going to write a thank you letter to Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vasquez for the Citizens On Patrol program.

MOLLY the German Shepherd and ROCKY the Shih Tzu, are back home with "Mom" Brittney. Kim found them near the entrance of the Superstition Mountain Country Club, she took wonderful care of them for a whole day. Caring people like Kim make the world so much nicer!
March 24, 2007

NINA, the Chihuahua lost in Peralta Trails was found by a neighbor who posted flyers and found the owner Anne Marie.
March 22, 2007

MADDIE, a very sweet Golden Retriever was found, very scared from the storm, and soaking wet, by Steve in front of his house on Mogollon Tr. in Gold Canyon. He kept her warm, after 3 hours the owner was found, he was frantically looking for her. MADDIE and her brother are home safe with a very happy "Dad". Steve is my neighbor, this is not the only time that he has become involved in helping found dogs. He has a Great Dane MIKE and a Labradoodle ANGEL, who are always happy to have friends stopped and visit.
March 22, 2007

BO a black & white Cocker Spaniel is back home. He took off after a hot air balloon flying very low scared him about 7 a.m. the morning of March 15, 2007. BO just showed up at the door at 1 a.m.
He probably read the flyers that "Dad & Mom" posted all over their neighborhood in Mesa del Oro and said: "Hey, I am lost, I better go back home!"
As you can see, BO didn't waste time, he got the quickest form of transportation and drove home.




The 1 1/2 year old Italian Mastiff, VINNEY missing since the morning of October 21, 2006, near the Gold Canyon Bashas' was found the evening of October 23. VINNEY has been in the desert by himself, was in good shape but very thirsty. The persistence of the owners paid off when they came across VINNEY wondering around Silly Mountain.

You aren't seen double! LADY, the very sweet Golden Retriever is in our "official repeat offenders list". Twice in 4 days she got away and once back in September of 2004. This time she took her "sister" and again she found a wonderful neighbor Walt who kept them all night, warm, dry and well fed. Walt put posters throughout the neighborhood and with the help of Francine, Secretary for the Gold Canyon D.O.G. -Dog Owners Group, the owners were found. September 2, 2006

LADY, a 12 year old Golden Retriever, was missing for 3 hours. LADY showed up at her new found "human friends", she ran right past John who was standing in their garage and dove into the family pool for a leisurely swim. Her "Retriever smile" said it all - What's better than great humans with a wonderful pool - obviously put there for "Dogs" ! Thank you Karen & John from The Estates in the Superstition Foothills of Gold Canyon, for taking care of LADY until the owners were found.
August 29, 2006




KUAI FE, found a wonderful home with Bill, her new "Dad". She spent many days in the hot desert. She is happy to have a cool place with a "cool" Dad. Thanks to Cyndy, owner of Curves of Gold Canyon who found her and took care of her.
August 13, 2006



A first for PAW Alert!
The owner of WALDO, the beautiful and extremely friendly tortoise was found by foster "Mom" Stacy, who posted flyers in the area of Superstition Foothills in Gold Canyon. WALDO is 12 years old and he was rescued 5 years ago from a construction site. WALDO likes to be scratched on the side of his head. Thank you Stacy for being so persistent in looking for "Dad". June 11, 2006


LUCY is a 60 pound female Pit Bull Terrier lost around Palm Way and Kings Ranch Rd in Gold Canyon, was found very late at night by the staff of The Steakhouse Restaurant on Kings Ranch Rd. They saw the flyers.
May 17, 2006


The owner of the female Siberian Husky was found after 10 hours. We would like to thank Margaret from Apache Junction Animal Control who checked for a microchip and called the Vet, and especially to Rhonda from Gold Canyon who found her and took care of this sweet dog. Although she was microchipped, the best way to find the owner right away is to have an I.D. Tag.
May 1, 2006.

MAX has done it again! He was running on Sleepy Hollow Tr. and Breathless Rd. in Gold Canyon. This is the third time that this adorable, sweet Shepherd Mix was "on the run". He was found by Esther, who took care of him until she saw him on our PAW Alert list of "repeat offenders". If you see MAX on the loose again, his family lives at the end of the cul-de-sac on Hohokam and Sleepy Hollow Tr. His house is a 2-story home. MAX is extremely friendly, he is just an escape artist.
April 30, 2006.

The 4-month old female Queensland Blue Healer by the name of GIRL SCOUT was found less than 24 hours after she was missing. Her Dad Thatcher was putting up the Missing Poster, when he saw a Found Puppy Poster. Thanks to a new neighbor on White Tail Rd in Gold Canyon who found GIRL SCOUT and took the time to make the signs. Thatcher and his family had a wonderful reunion.
April 16, 2006

This is one our most wonderful successful stories! KITA, a female Shiba Inu, was found in the very early morning hours of April 13, 2006. She had been missing for 14 days between Goldfield Rd / Idaho Rd and Baseline area in Apache Junction. Her "parents" Ange and Tom never gave up, they scouted the neighborhood asking everyone, posted dozens of flyers (even some in Spanish). They also went to all the businesses in the area. There had been reported sightings of KITA for the past couple of weeks in the vicinity, however, repeated checks continually ended in frustration as the shy, elusive KITA remained Number 1 on our “Most Wanted List”. FINALLY, success! KITA had been seen again around 11:30 p.m. in the same areas as previously reported. A stake out was established, this time People Vs Animal – would result in Victory! This wonderful story finally culminated to conclusion at the unlikely hour of 2 in the morning. KITA was spotted by "Dad", and convinced that her wandering ways were at an end. Skinny and scared, but home safe and sound, KITA finally was back where she belonged – with her loving family Ange, Tom and children – who want to "Thank everyone that helped bring her home. We can't possibly express our gratitude to you all. This is truly an answer to our many prayers!"

BUDDY, the 10-month old black Lab lost in the area of Idaho and McKellips in Apache Junction on March 6, 2006 found his very happy Dad Brandon on March 13. They had a wonderful reunion after a week of anxiety!

The male Australian Shepherd found on February 5, 2006 at the Peralta Trailhead in Gold Canyon by a Boy Scout group hiking the trail was adopted by the Boy Scout Leader. Tim named him TROOPER, how appropriate.

The female Shar Pei mix found around Broadway Rd and Goldfield in Apache Junction on February of 2005, has found her owner. Thank you Barbara for taking care of her.

The owner of the female cattle dog found by Nicolette in the Sierra Vista subdivision in Gold Canyon, on the afternoon of March 5, 2006 was reunited with his dog just few hours later. Nicolette did a fantastic job not only as a "foster Mom" but finding he owner as well.

The Basset Hound was found the morning of January 24, 2006 on Amber Sun Way, behind the Red Sage Restaurant and fostered by Doris, is back with his "parents"

The two small white male dogs found in Open Sky Drive in Gold Canyon on January 23, 2006 were reunited with their owner on January 29. Thank you Lisa for being such a caring Foster "Mom"

SPARTACUS, the 1-year old American Pitbull missing since January 17, 2006 is back with Mom & Dad after four days with a neighbor.

MAX, the Shepherd Mix is back again with "Dad" Dane. MAX was lost for a whole day on January 7, 2006, and thanks to the firefighters on our Gold Canyon station he is back home. MAX is in our "repeat offenders" list. He is very sweet and friendly, but loves to run through Sleepy Hollow and Kings Ranch Rd.
This picture was taken back in March of 2005 when MAX spent the night in my bed, happy to be playing with KRAMER's toys. We found Dad Dane the following morning.

LITTLE ANNE, the young Golden Labrador and expectant mother, is back home. She was missing on December 27, 2005.

The very friendly 1 year old Beagle by the name of JOJO found on November 29, 2005 near the Red Sage restaurant in Gold Canyon, was adopted by a neigbor of the person who found him and took care of him. Thanks to Anthony, JOJO has a wonderful home now.

ARI, who was lost on the early morning hours of November 1, 2005 was found by a good Samaritan in Gold Canyon. The person who found him, as well as ARI's mother had posters all over the area. Eva, a long time friend of PAW Alert saw the posters. ARI's was reunited with Mom Elena at 9 p.m. of the same day. Our thanks to all the people who got involved.


GINGER is back with his owner just a day after flyers were posted. Good job Mark, and please put an I.D. Tag on that precious girl!




The Yellow Lab puppy found on September 29, 2005 around Hacienda La Noria and Jalapa in Gold Canyon found his owner the following day. Jessica did a wonderful job as a foster "Mom"

Found together on the afternoon of July 14, 2005 around Bashas' in Gold Canyon and back with their owners.
PAW Alert thanks all the people who helped with these dogs; Bobby, Bashas' general manager and employees, who provided leashes and dog treats; Claudia who called PAW Alert; Dr. Jeremy Grossbard, and his employees at the Companion Pet Clinic, who "house" them.


The cutest little black dog found north of Baseline Rd in Gold Canyon is back home, thanks to people in the area who took the time to make flyers and post it in PAW Alert. Please, take the time to make an I.D. for your pets!

BUDDY, the cat lost on March 11, 2005 was found on May 26, 2005. Tom, his happy owner said "My cat BUDDY finally came home! Can you believe this. He was hiding in my next door neighbors garage, hiding in boxes and what not! They have outdoor cats, so he had plenty to eat and drink too!"

The very friendly black Chow Mix found on May 19, 2005 by the firefighters of Station #4 in Gold Canyon, has found his owners. PUFFY is very thankful to the firefighters.


MISSY, the Boston Terrier lost for few hours on May 17, 2005 in Gold Canyon is back with Mom, Dad and her sister TARA. Thank you Tess, for helping us post flyers round Bashas' Tess is one of PAW Alert volunteers and works at the Pet Companion Clinic in Gold Canyon.



The Jack Russell/Chihuahua Mix LUCKY found on April 29, 2005 in Gold Canyon has found a wonderful home. Our gratitude to Yolanda who foster her for weeks.


The sweet female Chocolate Labrador won the hearts of the family who found her. They named her SPUNKY! Beverly and Ray, from Apache Junction are the happy new "parents"


PAW Alert quickly found the "parents" of MUSTANG, an older Border Collie Mix. He was getting far away from home, and though it had tags, the address was from Wisconsin. Yvonne and Dan, who were walking on the afternoon of April 24, 2005 directed me to their owners in Gold Canyon.

The young Yellow Labrador found on the evening of April 22, 2005 in Gold Canyon is back with his owner a young lady named Sarah, after a 2 day separation. His name is NICKELS, and he was the first "resident" of the kennel behind the Sheriff's Sub-Station, just for few hours. My husband Curt and I took him home, we were concerned about the rain Saturday evening, nicknamed him MUFFIN -he was so sweet- Of course, NICKELS loves couches and beds. We are happy to see them reunited. We are very grateful to Eva, who saw a flyer near NICKELS home, more than 2 miles from were he was found. Eva is very familiar with PAW Alert, she has helped us reunite dogs and owners in the past, our phone number is in her "Speed Dial" list.

The 9-year old Retriever Shepherd Mix named SIDNEY lost on April 7, 2005 was found 3 days later not far from her home in the Superstition Foothills of Gold Canyon. Her very happy parents are thankful to a neighbor who recognized SIDNEY from the posters. Her "Mom" Janet followed the instructions at the bottom of this page. She called Pinal County and Apache Junction Animal Controls daily, posted flyers, and asked neighbors and people walking in the street about her lost dog.

A very special thanks to Sharon from Gold Canyon East who on Saturday, April 9, 2005 found ANUBIS, a Shepherd Mix. Her "father" was located very quickly.

The Border Collie found around Gilbert Rd and McKellips in Mesa on April 4, 2005 has been reunited with his happy owners on the afternoon of April 8th. His name is PATRICK. Thank you Francine, Secretary of Gold Canyon D.O.G. -Dog Owners Group- for fostering this extremely sweet boy and to her friend Dawn from Mesa, who found PATRICK and posted dozens of flyers around the area he was found. Special thanks to Dr. Eva DeCozio from the Apache Junction Animal Hospital for taking care of his sore paws and keeping him at the Hospital for observation. PATRICK has a brother at home.
When a dog is lost, and even when a loving person takes care of him, the emotional rollercoaster is ever present being away from his known environment. Please ID tags your love ones, even if they have a license and/or microchip!

BUGSY, the Fox Terrier lost on April 4, 2005 near Bashas' in Gold Canyon, was found on the evening of April 6, by Lynn from Mountainbrook. BUGSY is from Superior, and she is the proud Mom of 6 puppies. BUGSY was in Gold Canyon for a Vet's visit at the Pet Companion Clinic when it just "took off" Thank you Lynn!

The male Dalmatian found on February 1st CLETO, is living with a wonderful family in Queen Creek. Thanks to Jamie from Gold Canyon, who for many weeks fostered CLETO.

The German Shorthaired Pointer found near Superstition Highlands on March 7, 2005 is back to his home in Phoenix. Eileeen was a great foster Mom, thank you so much.

The young male black and white Springer Spaniel found at Peralta Trails in Gold Canyon on April 1, 2005 was given to the no-kill Spaniel rescue organization. Thank you Sue & Mike for taking care of him.

The beautiful female Calico cat went home on March 15, 2005. Thank you Kurt for being a wonderful foster Dad.

MAX, the Shepherd Mix found running on Sleepy Hollow Trail in Gold Canyon on Sunday, March 13, 2005 is back with his owners. MAX had a current Pinal County license but no ID Tags. MAX played with Kramer's toys as well.
When a dog is found on weekends or evenings, our only hope for a immediate reunion is an ID Tag. Please tag your dogs, even if they have a license or a microchip. I am very grateful to Pinal County Animal Care & Control for returning my call very promptly to give me the information about MAX.

This friendly and beautiful Golden Retriever was found on the evening of March 8, 2005 in the area of Anazasi and Sleepy Hollow Tr. in Gold Canyon. His name is TITO and his owners are very happy to have him back, after spending the night with my husband Curt and myself, in our bed, of course! He gently played with KRAMER'S toys.
When a dog is lost, and even when a loving person takes care of him, the emotional rollercoaster is ever present being away from his known environment. Please ID tags your love ones, even if they have a license and/or microchip!

A white bishon poodle mix female, very friendly and loving was found on the evening of March 8, 2005 around the Superstition Mountain Country Club entrance in Gold Canyon. SIMONE's owners just got their "baby" back within hours of being missing. Thank you Vicki for being such a caring person.

An very sweet female older Cocker Spaniel found at the Peralta Trails Elementary School in Gold Canyon on February 25 2005. She is so sweet that the family who found her named her SWEETY. She was taken to the Cocker Spaniel rescue. Our thanks to Don & Dorothy, the foster family.

The 8-month old female Alaskan Malamute is back home, her name is LEXUS. She was found in the vicinity of Kings Ranch Rd and Eagle Pass in Gold Canyon. Thank you Patty and Tom for taking such a good care of LEXUS.


These 2 adorable, sweet male and female mix breed were found in Peralta Trails by Theresa. She and her young daughter nursed the male back to health. A friend who lives in the Mexican State of Chihuahua was so impressed by these loving dogs that he adopted them on February 20, 2005. Theresa should have visitation rights for being such a good foster Mom. Her daughter would like to be a Veterinarian one day, I know she'll be a wonderful one.

SNOOPY, the young Golden Lab is back with Mom and Dad. Thank you Rose, from Apache Junction, for taking care of him as a temporary Foster Mom.


GEORGE, a pure breed German Shorthaired Pointer is a very lucky boy. He was saved by Sheila Iyengar owner of Lotus Dog Training and her partner Lora Dettinger GEORGE was at the Pinal County Animal Care & Control, were he "stole" everyones heart! GEORGE's new family is a wonderful couple with another dog from Queen Creek.

A very sweet, well-mannered Terrier-mix female, exceptionally friendly found on January 1, 2005 in Apache Junction was adopted by a family in Queen Creek. Ned baptized herLADY BUG. Thank you Ned for taking care of her.

KAHN is back with Mom & Dad after being lost for 2 weeks. The tenacity of his parents Rebecca and Jeff paid off. They posted dozens of flyers, they scouted the neighborhood asking everyone, and they kept calling the different Animal Control Agencies. Finally KAHN was found at the Maricopa County Animal Control.

A beautiful, well-grommed and well-mannered very young male cat found on the evening of January 2, 2005 at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort grounds, has been put for adoption by AJ's Best Friends Rescue Organization. Thank you to Lynn for being such a good foster Mom.

A very sweet, young small female cat found on January 1, 2005, in the area of Sleepy Hollow Tr. and Kings Ranch Rd. in Gold Canyon has been adopted.

A brendal and white color, older male dog, 20 lbs., very friendly and loving. Found at the entrance of the Superstition Mountain Golf Course, in Gold Canyon on November 22, 2004 was adopted.
Thank you employees and members of the Superstition Mountain Golf Course. Everyone helped!

A nine year old male black poodle named LENNIE, found at the Superstition Mountain Golf Course entrance on November 30, 2004 was reunited with his owner.

MISSY, the Dachshound mix lost in Queen Valley was found 2 days later by her Mom & Dad who never gave up looking for her. She was a little cold, but very happy to be home again.

These friendly dogs found by LeAnne on November 5t, 2004 in Apache Junction, were adopted on November 20th by Neil. They were baptized DUKE & DUCHESS.

The young male Pug/Boxer mix, named BUSTER and found in Apache Junction on October 11, 2004, was adopted by Norm, the young man who fostered him. Norm said "He is such a sweet dog, I cannot part with him now. He really likes his new daddy too." I love this kind of ending!

The two loving female Shar Pei mix found by Holly on October 27, 2004 in Apache Junction, are now for adoption at a rescue shelter in Scottsdale. A lot of people were involved to save these beautiful and friendly dogs. Thank you to Holly for keeping them for few days, thank you to Kathy Swaney from Valley of the Sun Rescue and to Pinal County Animal Care & Control for helping us as well.

A 14-year old Lhasa Apso was found by Marilyn and Joe on the morning of October 18, 2004 at Superstition Foothills in Gold Canyon. Few hours later a very thankful owner was reunited with SNICKERS. Thank you Marilyn and Joe. A special thanks to Jan for keeping SNICKERS for a while. What a wonderful combined effort! Jan is the same lady who found another older Lhasa Apso five weeks ago.

We found the owners of this sweet 15 year old boy. He was found on Cloudview Rd in Gold Canyon, very early on the morning of October 10, 2004. His name is PIPER, which is a very appropriate name. He followed Kramer all around the house. I have a lot of people to thank, Betty & Jim, Lucy & Bob, and Bonnie, who knew PIPER's owners.

Australian shepherd mix SOPHIE. The owners were found in Peralta Trails. SOPHIE was lost for over a day. Our very special thanks to Lennie for taking care of her.

A Golden Retriever LADY and a Cocker Spaniel were found at 3:30 a.m. on September 29, 2004 by Nicole, in the Superstition Foothills area of Gold Canyon. The owners were found 6 hours later. Thank you Nicole. We also appreciate the great communication we have with Pinal County Animal Care & Control and with Apache Junction Animal Control. Special thanks to Deborah, she informed Nicole about our PAW Alert program.

This adorable 15 year old Lhasa Apso was found by Jan on the morning of September 10, 2004 at Superstition Foothills in Gold Canyon. The owner was found that evening. Thank you Jan for being such a wonderful Foster Mom for BABY!


KODIAK was adopted by Lucy & Bob from Gold Canyon, on August of 2004. Oona from the Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue & Adoption and I worked together in this adoption. When the new owners saw him it was "love at first sight" KODIAK and his new sister SAPPHIRE (KODIAK is in front)



A very sweet Shar Pei/Pit Bull Mix named EVE and visiting Gold Canyon from Phoenix, was found by Dianne the morning of August 30, 2004. She walked with EVE in the neighborhood when she found her, few hours later, she found the owners. Thank you Dianne.

These beautiful Cairn Terriers found on August 8, 2005 at Superstition Foothills in Gold Canyon, were adopted by AJ's Best Friends Rescue organization. Thank you to the people who found and took care of them.

EBONY, the friendly 7-month old Lab Mix from Gold Canyon, was adopted by a caring family.


This 6-month old female, BABY, was lost for many hours around the Gold Canyon Elementary School. Eva not only found her, but drove her all over the area trying to find the owners. She did! Thank you Eva.


The young black Lab is back with Mom. He was lost for quite a few hours in the vicinity of the Gold Canyon Elementary School. His name is GAGUT. Thank you Melissa for taking care of this very friendly pet.

CHARLOTTE, the gorgeous and well-mannered Standard Poodle was adopted by a loving family, with children!

Thank you Jan for taking care of the Spaniel/Lab Mix and the Shepherd Mix on Sunday, July 25, 2004. They got scared from the storm. Jan was putting Found Dogs flyers, when she noticed the Lost Dogs flyers - a perfect match! Jan is also a Foster Mom for found dogs and cats for PAW Alert.

RUSTY, the sweet and friendly male Cocker Spaniel found in Gold Canyon, was adopted on July 23, 2004. Thank you Melissa from Pet Companion Clinic and Gail from Gold Canyon for being such a wonderful Foster Moms.

The beautiful female Siberian Husky is home again, her name is TIMBER. Thank you Joyce for taking care of her.

The Shih Tzu lost on 4th of July during the fireworks display at the Forrest Knolls area in Mesa. Her name is MILLIE and she is two and a half years old. Thank you Carlene and Jim for being such a wonderful foster parents for 9 days!

The West Highland White Terrier ZEBBIE was found just a few hours after being lost. PAW Alert works! Thank you Kim for your help and taking care of ZEBBIE.

The beautiful German Shepherd, former trainee for police K-9, named ROCKY was adopted by the family who found him in Apache Junction. ROCKY is "a wonderful companion" according to the adoptive family. Thank you Shirley!

TILLIE, a Yorkie/Silkie puppy, lost around Ironwood & Superstition Dr. in Apache Junction reunited with Mom Jane. TILLIE was a nursing Mom and she is back with her puppies.

SARGAS, the 4 year-old Shepherd-Mix was adopted in June. She loves her new family. SARGAS means Guardian.

A family adopted the very friendly Pit Bull Mix and named him MOJO. Thank you Geri from Arroyo Vista II in Gold Canyon for being such a good foster Mom.

BILLIE BOB a Basset-Hound, lost only for about 4 hours in Gold Canyon East. Thank you to the neighbors who found him.

Thank you Kim for stopping and taking care of the beautiful German Shepherd MAX around Sleepy Hollow Tr. and Hohokam in Gold Canyon on April 26, 2004. He was almost run over by a car, Kim was very happy that we found the owners.

The very friendly female Pit Bull found by Sharon and A.J. in Apache Junction on April 17, 2004 was adopted by a wonderful lady who was impressed about PRECIOUS's love for people. Thank you Sharon and A.J. for fostering and giving her a name.

BUDDY, a Black Labrador, from Mesa was lost for 5 days. A loving family fostered him until their owners were found on April 16th. BUDDY was very, very happy to find Mom & Dad!

SAPPHIRE, and 18 month old beautiful Siberian Husky is back with Lucy & Bob, thanks to neighbor Lisa.

MO, a 4 year old Golden Retriever "went for a ride" with another Golden to the Renaissance Fair, and spent a whole weekend there! MO is back with his owners in Gold Canyon.
March 22, 2004

A Shih Tzu named ROMEO! He was lost only for a couple of hours in Mountainbrook Village. Thank you Jeannie and James for finding ROMEO.

The Lhasa Apso/Poodle/Maltese Mix found her owners, after just one day of being lost (and 3 children waiting for her) Her name is SUSIE . Thank you Becky, for calling us and posting all the flyers to find SUSIE's family!

The Black Labrador CALLAGHEN and the Golden Retriever puppy HONDO were found after 8 hours and more than 2 miles from home by three wonderful young men; Tanner, Bronson & Cody. They were looking for their lost Golden Labrador MAX, still missing. Thanks you so much, and thank you John Gioia, Sr, Pastor of the Superstition Foothills Baptist Church in Gold Canyon for your help!

A beautiful, well mannered, loving 2 year old Siberian Husky from Gold Canyon. Her name is SITKA and she was adopted in January, 2004 by Debra. SITKA has a 5-acre home in Apache Junction in the winter, and a 60-acre ranch in Colorado in the summer. And all the love she can get! Thank you Debra.

A first for PAW Alert: Lucy & Bob found a FERRET! The owners were found in less than 24 hours.


The Shih Tzu/Bishon Mix YOGI, is back with their owners. Many thanks to all the volunteers who were looking for YOGI!


Marta 480-540-7607 email at


Make flyers, with a picture of the dog, if possible, distribute them in key places like Bashas', Veterinary Hospitals or Clinics, Dog Groomers, Churches, Restaurants, Parks, streets near were the dog was lost.

Contact the Companion Pet Clinic, in the Gold Canyon Bashas' parking lot. If you find a dog, please take him to the clinic, they will scan him for microchip at no cost 480-671-1403.

If you are looking for your pet in the street, ask everyone walking or jogging if they have seen your pet, and of course, alert your neighbors!

Post it on LOST DOGS OF ARIZONA!/groups/LDOAZ/

Post it on Craig's List Lost & Found

Call Pinal County Animal Control at 1-800-208-6897 ext. 7600 or
You may also find in their website a:
Found Animal Report Form - For those who wish to report a pet that has been found.
Lost Animal Report Form - For those who wish to report a pet that has been lost.

Any EMERGENCY related to Pinal County Animal Control can be reported
after hours by calling the main number of (520) 866-7600
and following the automated instructions

Call Apache Junction Paws & Claws Care Center at Phone (480) 983-4405 -
After Hours (480) 982-8260.
Apache Junction Paws & Claws Care Center services ONLY the residents of the City, not the unincorporated areas such as Gold Canyon. Because of the proximity to us, they may have a record of the lost or found dog. If you find a dog in Gold Canyon you cannot take it to Apache Junction Paws & Claws Care Center on 725 E. Baseline Road (between Idaho and Tomahawk), your only option, if you cannot keep the dog until the owner is found, is to call Pinal County Animal Control in Casa Grande.

For more information about county shelters, call 602-506-PETS (7387). You can also call Missing Mutts, Cats, Etc at 480-898-8914 or Arizona PetLine at 602-252-2727. You may also go to: - A national Lost and found organization. - Internet database of lost dogs and found dogs.

For a complete list of rescue organizations, please check our FAVORITE LINKS page.

It is extremely important that you continue to visit your local shelter daily to search for your dog.

- Even if they have a microchip and/or a license -

ARIZONA LICENSE PET PLATES If you are a pet owner (or not) but wish to help solve the pet overpopulation problem, there is a way available through the
Arizona Department of Transportation.

Sterilize - Not Euthanize
Please Spay or Neuter Your Pets!



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